To Fork or Not to Fork?

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Forks have been a hot topic recently due to the debates that they spark, and the potential for a new digital asset to come from contentious decisions.

In a recent turn of events, the Sia community has been undergoing a bit of internal debate regarding whether or not to deploy a soft-fork that would bolster ASIC mining competition outside of the umbrella of Nebulous – the managers of the Sia codebase.

Nebulous Expands into ASIC Manufacturing

Sia, the brain-child of David Vorick and Luke Champine, initially released back in 2015 as a means to decentralize file storage by offering individuals the ability to rent out their unused hard drive space for compensation. The technology featured file encryption against hosts wishing to view stored data, file redundancy by spreading data to a wide range of hosts, and smart contracts enabling payments between renters and hosts. The system protects itself…

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