Instructure: Still Materially Undervalued – Instructure (NYSE:INST)

Instructure (NASDAQ: INST), the Utah-based SaaS company that’s best known for its Canvas platform that offers software solutions for universities and other educational institutions, continues to be one of the most undervalued (in my opinion) stocks in the software sector. By and large, Instructure offers investors nearly everything on the checklist of bullish factors for SaaS investments: high growth, a thinning loss on the bottom line, a market-leading and cloud-first application, and an excellent track record for exceeding results.

Not only that, Instructure has further expanded out of its shell from its core higher ed products in Canvas and into an offering called Bridge, which provides a learning platform for enterprises. Instructure’s entry into the enterprise market probably more than doubles its TAM, and commentary on Bridge’s performance (relying upon management’s discussions around earnings time) have been hugely positive.

Yet for some reason, Instructure has always traded…

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