‘I’m Quite a Fan Of Government Regulation’: Interview… | News

In the corridors of Davos Cointelegraph has got a chance to catch up with Yobie Benjamin, co-founder and CTO Emeritus of Token.io with the background in mainstream banking (Citigroup).

In five minutes, Benjamin shared his thoughts on regulation, huckster ICO’s and the potential of Blockchain.

Cointelegraph: We are here with Yobie Benjamin. Could you introduce yourself to our audience and tell them what you’re doing right now?

Yobie Benjamin: Hello, my name is Yobie Benjamin and I am the current CTO Emeritus of Token.io, which is a distributed ledger company which is built to support the banking industry. And if there’s a really easy way to explain it, it’s a far more modern version of SWIFT, which is the global bank system wherein money is moved.

CT: You have a bit of a different opinion on government regulations from what I understand. Could you talk a little bit about that?

YB: I am, believe it or not, quite a fan of government regulations. By background I was the former global CEO…

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