Harvard Geneticist Launches DNA-Fueled Blockchain Startup

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Nebula Genomics will have its own coin and go head to head with Ancestry.com and Google-backed 23andMe. George Church, a professor at Harvard and MIT, is taking a different tack than his genetics testing rivals. He’s developed a token-fueled system on the blockchain that monetizes DNA to incentivize members to participate in genome sequencing. It keeps personal DNA data in the hands of the individual — not big pharma — letting them choose if they want to share and monetize that data for research purposes.

Nebula is built on Blockstack and is driven by Ethereum smart contracts on the blockchain. The Nebula ecosystem is fueled by the Nebula token, which is the currency by which individuals pay for their personal genome sequencing and related data. Meanwhile, data buyers use the tokens, which they can purchase with fiat currency, to acquire access to DNA data.

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