Fintech Startup Apruve Partners With MSTS For Credit Card Alternative

The assault on credit cards just won’t stop.

B2B fintech companies MSTS and Apruve announced Wednesday a payment process obviating the need to leverage capital and resources to provide credit and payment terms.

“The solution makes extending a credit line as easy as accepting a credit card,” Apruve CEO Michael Noble said in a statement.

The new service enables automated instant credit approval, buyer onboarding, billing, customer service and collections services while allowing business clients to eschew the high transaction fees of credit cards.

“Both companies have a strong belief that credit cards are not the smartest credit option for B2B companies,” MSTS President Brandon Spear said in a press release.

Underwriting nearly $4 billion in annual transactions, MSTS is expected to increase the lending capacity of Apruve’s clients through its credit-as-a-service platform.

Apruve’s Noble said the company is excited to partner with MSTS. 

“… They bring…

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