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A Japanese company PATRON is launching a new Blockchain-based platform for supporting the social media influencers. The project aims to create a full ecosystem where Influencers and SNS users around the world will be able to post, discover and book social media sharing economy information on the Internet and mobile tablet, the company’s white paper states.

The company is creating a sharing economy system which works similar to Airbnb. A ‘host’ can purchase one influential post, ‘buy’ an influencer for up to several months or even for a year.

In the influencer marketing industry, up to 40 percent of the fees going to influencers are being taken by the agency that acts as an intermediary. According to PATRON, they have built a Blockchain-based solution to help solve a middlemen problem. The commission fee currently being paid could be replaced by a tokenized market that would have a transparent business “skim.”

New business model

The founder of PATRON, Atsushi Hisatsumi,…

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